Nerd Nite September 10th: I Now Pronounce You Sand and Wife

World War II club
50 Conz Street, Northampton MA
Monday, September 10, 7:00pm, $5.00 admission
Guests are welcome to bring their own food or order take-out at the venue

‘Take it With a Grain: What Can Sand Piles tell us About Traffic and Cancer?’

Granular materials are all around us, yet are still poorly understood, hence an explosion of interest in these systems in the physics community in the last few decades. Granular materials also serve as a model systems for any dense system of interacting “particles,” be it crowded cars on the road or crowded cells migrating in the body. This presentation will explore several examples of where research into granular materials has given insight into more humanly relevant examples, such as traffic and cancer.

About the Speaker, Kerstin Nordstrom: Physics professor at Mount Holyoke College whose lab studies granular materials. I did my PhD and postdoc also in this field.


‘BetterTogether: Relationship Hacks from a Seasoned Divorce Attorney’

Seasoned divorce attorney, mediator and author Gabrielle Hartley explains that by making three important shifts earlier on in their relationship many of her clients may have been able to avoid coming to her office in the first place. This talk explores how by incorporating these simple skills rather than splitting  you may become better together.

About the Speaker, Gabrielle Hartley: A divorce attorney and mediator for over twenty years in both private practice and clerking for a divorce court judge, and author of Better Apart: The Radically Positive Way to Separate (HarperCollins 2019)!

$5 general admission. Drinks available for purchase, and you are welcome to bring a snack or take-out to eat.

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