Nerd Night April 8: Kidneys and Captains

54525977_10156113099282057_2083587900573745152_oWorld War II club
50 Conz Street, Northampton MA
Monday, April  8, 7:00pm, $5.00 admission (cash only)
Guests are welcome to bring their own food or order take-out at the venue

“Curious about Kidney Transplants? Urine Luck!” by Alex Squiers

If you’ve ever heard that a person can live their life with only one kidney, it’s true. Alex will talk about what kidneys do, why they are important, what the process was like of getting screened and tested for donation, what life after transplant is like for donor and recipient, and some extra afterthoughts on what it might mean to everyone involved.

Alex Squiers is from Enfield CT and has been a warehouse worker, pirate, zombie maker, package handler and co-host of a podcast for 7 years. At 26 years old, he gave his brother a kidney and has been enjoying educating others all about it since.

“That’s CAPTAIN to You: The Evolution of Carol Danvers” by Ellie Hillis

Brie Larson rocked the role in the recently released Captain Marvel, but do you know that Carol was a member of the X-Men? And that Rogue stole her powers? And that her cat is actually named Chewie? This discussion will explore the history of Carol Danvers, and look towards the future of the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe based on the comics, including Monica Rambeau possibly becoming the next Captain Marvel and the introduction of Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel.

Ellie Hillis is an essayist, game designer, comics historian, and cosplayer. Her work has been featured on sites like Rogue’s Portal, Geek League of America, Planet Zeist and the Geek Initiative. A graduate of Smith College, she wrote her senior thesis, The Surviving Superheroines, with Professor N. C. Christopher Couch. A co-editor at Density Media, and a motivating force behind the Zine Games movement, she has written and created a variety of RPGs.

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