Nerd Nite NoHo in the local media:

Mass Live, October 2014
“Nerd Nite Celebrates One-Year Anniversary…” by George Lenker

Mass Live, July 2014
“‘Thank a Hippie’ for Online Communities…” by Mary Serreze

Mass Live, July 2014
“Nerd Nite in Easthampton Features Talks on Voiceovers and Communes,” by George Lenker

Daily Hampshire Gazette, Apr. 2014
“Nerd Nite Offers Different Takes on Nature Found Amid Urban Environs,” by Shel Horowitz

Amherst WireMar. 2014 (including audio of talks)
“Interesting Ideas, Local Presenters,” by Elizabeth Geffre

The Valley Advocate, Jan. 2014
“A Guy and a Gecko Walk into a Bar…” by Pete Redington

Diginomica, Dec. 2013
“On Nerd Nite and the Power of Culture Building,” by Jon Reed

Paradise City Press, Nov. 2013 (including video)
“NoHo Nerd Nite Draws Huge Crowd,” by Brad Andrews

Mass Live, Oct. 2013
“Nerd Nite Comes to Northampton,” by George Lenker