Nerd Nite October 7: Fighting Ancestor Trauma and Global Warming

snowHi Nerds! Normally, we meet on the second Monday of the month, but I will be traveling that week, so we bumped it to the first Monday.

“Fighting the Bad Guys Before You Were Born: Ancestor Trauma & Epigenetics”

Our ancestor’s traumas, and the stories that are passed down, impact our genes and our mental health. Trauma therapist Danielle Lenhard presents on how she has helped people in the here and now by going back to the beginning of their ancestral line, and now you can do it too.

Danielle Lenhard, Ph.D., LCSW specializes in complex trauma, dissociation, attachment and pre-birth trauma, moral injury, and has a special interest in working with military families and armed services personnel.

“Ice, Ice, Baby: What’s up with the Crazy Weather?”

Climate change is more than global warming. Day to day local weather is more extreme. Summer heat waves are hotter, droughts are more extensive, floods are larger, storms cause greater damage, and even winter cold snaps are more frigid. Why? The answer is complicated. The global climate is a complex dance of countless interacting pieces. This presentation will focus on one of those pieces: ice. Arctic sea ice has been decreasing for years. Total sea ice volume is once again near record low levels this summer (as of June 2019 data). That missing ice is having an impact not just on the polar bears, but also on global weather patterns.

Wes delivered his first Nerd Nite presentation in 2017 on the accuracy of short-term weather forecasts. During the Q&A he realized the audience was eager to hear more about climate change. He is back to give the audience what it asked for. Wes earned a BS in Meteorology from Lyndon State College, an MS in Applied Statistics from Cornell University, and has been an avid follower of climate science for over 30 years. Wes began his professional life as a high school math and science teacher. He has since found his niche as a data analyst in the insurance industry.

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