Nerd Nite July 9th: Permaculture and The Force

World War II club
50 Conz Street, Northampton MA
Monday, June 11, 7:00pm, $5.00 admission
Guests are welcome to bring their own food or order take-out at the venue

‘Designing a Suburban Permaculture Homestead’

By living simply and in community, you can play a vital role in modeling regenerative land stewardship. In this case study, learn how Broadfork used the permaculture design process to establish a vibrant homestead on one acre in a suburban neighborhood. Learn how they invested in relationships with the community and utilized social capital to make it possible.

Ashley Schenk co-founded Broadfork Permaculture, a co-operative landscape design company in Western Mass. He also builds and enjoys earthen ovens.


‘The Luminiferous Aether and the Force’

The universe of Star Wars does not appear to obey the same natural laws as the one we know. Lightsabers, the Force, even the way spaceships move seem to defy our understanding of the world. But what if they can be explained by a theory we abandoned long ago in an experiment not so far away?

Tim McLaughlin Jr has been studying astrophysics, especially cosmology, most of his life. He has a keen interest in abandoned theories, conspiracies, and other fringe ideas that helped inform this curiosity.

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