Nerd Nite April 9th: Comics and Craft Brews

World War II club
50 Conz Street, Northampton MA
Monday, April 9th, 7:00pm, $5.00 admission

‘Brewing Through the Ages’

A talk about the history of beermaking, from ancient civilizations, through industrialization, to today.

Jordana Starr & Mike Schilling own Beerology in Northampton and incorporate history into our classes. They find Beer history extremely fascinating, having attended a beer history conference that armed them with tons of great stories to share!


‘Why Comics? The Accessibility and Unlimited Potential of Words and Pictures’

Comics – a medium that means many things to many people. What counts as a comic? What is unique about this art-form for the sharing of the human experience and communicating information? Comics are for everyone, even you, too!

Christian W. Z. Reader, or XTN for short, has been enjoying comics in Western Mass since they were young. Now they own a boutique bookstore focusing on comics and everything words and pictures. They live in Easthampton Ma with their wife and business-partner, three awesome house-mates and two incredible dogs.

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