Nerd Nite August 14th: Weather & Song

Monday, August 14th at 7:00pm
World War II Club Banquet Room
50 Conz Street
Northampton, MA

Nerd Nite NoHo! It’s happening again, and this month we’ve got the fantastic Wesley Olds presenting “Weather Forecasts, WTF?”

Weather forecasts have a notorious reputation for being unreliable, yet people often plan their day based on them. Is that reputation justified, or do meteorologists get an undeserved bad rap? If weather forecasts are unreliable, how can you use them wisely to make plans? This presentation will shed some light on those questions.

Wes received his B.S. in Meteorology from Lyndon State College and M.S. in Applied Statistics from Cornell University.

We will also have the absolutely lovely Adam Marks presenting “The Art Of Mashups and Sampling: How to Make any Two Songs Work Together”

Have you ever heard a song on the radio that used a part from and older song? How about a YouTube video which takes two songs you’ve never thought could work together flow seamlessly? Adam Marks has been making these kind of audio “Mashups” since 2006, and will be going through the basics of both theory and audio editing to prove that with a little bit of math and even more creativity, anything is possible. Other topics covered will include Digital Audio Workstations and basic music theory.

Adam creates his own music mashups and is capable of listening to and then considering the quality of musical performance.

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