Nerd Nite is on January 9th!

coffee copyWelcome to 2017, all! And while Nerd Nite did really well in 2016 with some awesome talks, we personally weren’t too sad to see it go. We hope you’ll start the new year right with some fellow nerds and these two talks on nitro-brew coffee and defending someone you know is guilty. We will also be donating 50% of the proceeds to the Food Bank of Western MA.
The location

World War II Club (aka The Deuce) / 50 Conz /  Northampton, MA
January 9th @ 7:00pm  /  $5 Entry. All ages welcome in the banquet hall, but valid ID required for front bar and alcoholic purchases.

The talks

‘Nitro Brew Coffee: Is it Safe to Drink?’
By Elonia Lamontagne, chemistry teacher at Chicopee High School 
A general chemistry flashback including review of the atom, electron configuration, bonding, states of matter, periodic table, etc. Using chemistry, we can look at nitrogen as a gas, nitrogen in the air, the nitrogen cycle, and nitrogen in the body, then we will determine if we should be putting nitrogen gas into our coffee.

‘How Do You Defend Someone You Know Is Guilty?’
By Meredith L. Ryan, Esq., criminal defense attorney

It’s the question every criminal defense attorney is asked about their work. How on earth do they stand next to people who do bad things and argue for them? Why do we even bother when we know someone did it? Learn how defending one person can affect the rights and liberties of all people, and the role defense attorneys play in protecting our Constitution.

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