Nerd Nite December: Journalism and Drones

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‘How did those journalists get it so wrong? An election postmortem’

On November 8, many Americans woke up expecting Hillary Clinton to become the country’s next president. Weeks of coverage by prominent news organizations had assured them of that. On Election Day, the Huffington Post gave Clinton a 98% chance of winning, the New York Times an 85% chance, and even the revered FiveThirtyEight was thought to be playing it safe with the 71% chance they gave her. On November 9, those same people woke up to President-elect Trump. How did those journalists get it so wrong? This election postmortem will use both mass communication theory and emerging evidence to evaluate that question, and end with a different one: What can we do about it?

Rodrigo Zamith is an assistant professor in the Journalism Department at UMass Amherst, where he studies the intersection of journalism and technology. As a Minnesota Vikings fan, he is accustomed to disappointment and proving the odds-makers wrong.

‘Drones for good – How aerial robots are shaping the future’

We are blessed to live in an age when massive technological advances are improving our lives and our planet. Drones – or aerial robots – are one of these advances which have amazing potential in the creative as well as practical arts and sciences. From farming to search % rescue to storytelling, these amazing aircraft are already transforming our world. This fast paced presentation will bring viewers up to date with the technology – and, more importantly, the positive effects that flying robots will enable in the near future.

Futurist, technologist and author Craig Issod divides his time between the Pioneer Valley and Coastal Rhode Island. He has worked in many diverse fields including construction, alternative energy, publishing, innovation and technology. Craig has published three best selling books on consumer drones and runs a popular blog at



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