Nerd Nite November: Emotions & Architecture

14681709_1244665035574766_9074518492221639513_n**Nerd Nite NoHo will be donating 50% of Monday’s entry fee to the ACLU, and any additional donations are welcome. Until (and beyond) then, peace and love to all our fellow nerds.**

$5 Entry. Guests under 21 years are welcome in the banquet room area, but are restricted from the front bar, so please have your ID on you if you’d like to order alcoholic beverages.

“Moods and Measurements: Quantifying Emotion in the Decision Process”

From hot heads to cold calculations, emotions have long been considered to have a substantial influence on decision making. In this presentation, we will first discuss the distinct effects that emotions such as anger, fear, and happiness are thought to have on the decision process. We will then focus on a central question underlying these findings: though sophisticated techniques have been developed to measure the effects of these emotions, what tools do we have to measure the emotions themselves?

Andrea Cataldo is a doctoral candidate in the Psychological and Brain Sciences department at UMass Amherst, where she studies mathematical models of decision making. She grew up on the south shore of Massachusetts and consequently knows a little too much about cranberries, clams, and Dunkin Donuts.

“Triple Deckers: New England’s Working Class Vernacular Architecture”

Originally built to house factory workers, Triple Deckers remain one of the most visible examples of New England’s Industrial Age past. In this presentation, we will examine the historical environment that produced these buildings, discuss their current status in post-industrial New England cities, and contemplate their lasting legacy on the community and landscape. Specific attention will be given to the architectural features that combine to constitute the style.

Brianne Zulkiewicz divides her time between serving on the board of Valley Free Radio and working at a local museum. She is a committed preservationist and an amateur architectural historian. She grew up in Western Massachusetts and graduated from Hampshire College.

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