Nerd Nite is at Union Station in NoHo on September 14th!

As we mentioned in our last post, we’ve been spreading the love between NoHo and EHo (sorry). On September 14th we’ll be back in the Union Station Banquet Hall for two great talks. Coincidentally, both are by psychologists, but both aren’t about psychology. This will definitely be an interesting one (as usual, of course). Remember to RSVP on Facebook!

Nerd Nite 21
Monday,September 14th, 7PM
Union Station
125A Pleasant Street, Northampton (On the bike path)
$5, 21+

Living in a Post-Racial Society… Or Not.

Although we might like to think of racial bias as a thing of the past, there are many subtle ways in which it can still influence our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Is there anything we can do about it?

Linda Tropp is a Professor of Social Psychology at UMass Amherst and an expert in prejudice reduction strategies and social relations between groups.

Scrap and Splendor: Backyard Visionaries and Hand-Made Worlds

Fueled by spectacular visions and extraordinary persistence, backyard visionaries work mostly alone, sometimes for decades, using materials considered trash by others, to create monumental outdoor environments. Their creations are enigmatic, whimsical and sublime. Visit ten of these sites and meet their astonishing, inspiring creators.

Mark Karpel is a psychologist who likes to write about people who think big and get carried away, including visionary builders, cluster balloonists, and aerospace visionaries.

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