Nerd Nite back @ Eastworks on August 10th

We’re trying to spread the love around between Northampton and Easthampton and we’ll be back at Eastworks for our 20th (!) Nerd Nite. This is going to be a really interesting one if I do say so myself (OK, fine, I’m giving one of the talks). I hope you can make it and please spread the word! FB event:

Nerd Nite 20
Monday, August 10th, 7PM
Eastworks, 116 Pleasant St., Easthampton
$5, 21+

Locked Up, but Not Locked Out: Juvenile Offenders Building Better Lives
Kids who go to jail are more likely to go to jail as adults. Massachusetts is using education to change that.

Gwynne Morrissey has a Ph.D. in Education Policy, is a program evaluator at the Collaborative for Educational Services, and is an advocate for educational equity for special-needs youth.


The Real Killer App: How Today’s Tech Diminishes Our Lives
Our gadgets and big data algorithms have been sold to us with the promise of deepening our relationships and improving our lives. What if they’re actually doing the opposite?

Mo Lotman is a freelance writer and publisher of The Technoskeptic, an online magazine examining issues of technology in society.

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