Next Nerd Nite: July 13th @ Union Station

Hey all,

We had such a good time at Union Station in April that we’re coming back in July! We don’t usually do themes at Nerd Nite, but this time we have an all-environment night and it’s going to be awesome, featuring the chair of the US Polar Research Board and the executive director of the Connecticut River Watershed Council. Be there indeed!

Nerd Nite 19
Monday, July 13th, 7PM
Union Station
125A Pleasant Street, Northampton (On the bike path)
$5, 21+

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Earth’s Changing, and You Are On It!
What if climate change is real and weird weather is likely to continue? Why should we care? Find out what we know about science at the poles that has a direct impact on us in the lower latitudes.

Julie Brigham-Grette is a professor of geosciences at UMass Amherst, and chair of the US Polar Research Board. She is an expert in the recent climate history of the Arctic and its connections to Antarctica.


Cymbella Vulgata and Richard Nixon (Or Learning to Love the Unexpected Heroes of Your Rivers)
Our rivers and streams are cleaner than ever. But we haven’t yet reached the ambitious goals set out in Nixon’s Clean Water Act. Learn how tiny creatures such as algae and bugs are pointing the way to healthier water.

Andrew Fisk, Ph.D. is the executive director of the Connecticut River Watershed Council. Since 1997 he has worked throughout New England as citizen, advocate, and bureaucrat to implement the Clean Water Act.

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